Jimmy’s Food Truck App

A local favorite among Drexel students, my team and I were tasked with designing a mobile ordering app for our final project. As team manager, we sought to incorporate the entirety of the UX process, from wireframing to user research to prototyping and beyond.

Cultural Canvas

A clone or Reddit’s “/r/place”, an April Fool’s social experiment, designed instead to capture the snapshot of a local culture. Made using Node.js and WebSockets, and employing a UX methodology throughout (user testing, prototyping, etc.).

Gorilla Vs. Bear Redesign

A redesign of a popular music blog to improve navigation and feature set.

Google Play Music Redesign

A redesign of the 2015 version to address information architecture inconsistencies.

LCD Soundsystem Promotion

Interactive website to promote a fictional concert for the band LCD Soundsystem.